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Schlueter Realty
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Le Sueur, MN 56058

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  • LSHS Class of 1978
  • LSHS All School Reunion
    The Le Sueur All-School Reunion will be held during Homecoming weekend in 2008 (Tentatively set for Saturday, October 4th, 2008)
    Invitations will be sent to Alumni who have reached their 25 year reunion.
    More Information to Follow.

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The Birder's Book, Journal Your Backyard Birds . Potpourri Press   proudly introduces it's first journal book:   The Birder's Book: Journal Your Backyard Birds

Did you know that there are more than 60 million bird watchers in North America? It is second in popularity only to gardening as our favorite pastime. Having a yard full of feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths and many bird friendly plants, we spend many enjoyable hours observing the antics of our feathered friends. Anticipating the arrival of the first robin of spring, seeing the occasional uncommon bird at out feeders, and witnessing the fall migration patterns are pleasures of life that never grow old. One spring, as I was watching the cedar waxwings strip the remaining berries from our fruit trees, it seemed a bit early in the year for them to be appearing on their trip northward. If only I had the means to check the date of their arrival in previous years. I then knew that what I wanted was a bird journal. Over the next two years, I spoke with other birders about my idea. They not only showed a lot of interest, but they also offered suggestions, many of which I have incorporated in this journal. I hope I have created a book for bird lovers everywhere.

Enjoy the Birds!     --     Wendy S. Mueller